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Moon gives homily

24 Mar 2014 / in Poetry

You make impression upon me I am soft ground you tread firm, lightly I am fern, you are heavy drop rain stay on me while moon gives homily translates nature in one long silence explains beyond language the teachings of godliness words are for humans moon sheds light on all of this and us. You […]

Ravish your lover while you still love her

24 Mar 2014 / in Poetry

(this poem is for my lovers who were once the suns in my skies: i am sorry that i never ravished you enough and that there is nothing to be done about the passing of time) Remember your lovers but, especially, don’t forget them, while they are in your bedroom with their hair disheveled and […]


24 Mar 2014 / in Poetry

Subtlety was never my specialty and so… without much thought to consequence i showed my heart and soul to many i left little guessing i was that book lying open, in full view, unprotected some people told me i should close it up at least, choose more carefully which pages to show maybe don’t expose […]

Kingdom of Reasons

14 Apr 2012 / in Poetry

I will drink red wine like blood with the poets twinkling upon pianos and tinkling on snow it’s going to be ravenous and bold smut is made up of all sorts of moments the staff are going home it’s the weekend jesus died supposedly churches are full priests banking on a reprise hopefully preachers holding […]