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Looking for our souls

14 Apr 2014 / in Musings

We’re all looking for our soul like it’s not available to our bodies 70% water, immeasurable consciousness calling for it with desperation or softness no fervour or lots of it lots of us cut off from it as if that’s even possible.   I heard I had a seat inside myself to occupy often times, […]

Motorcycles and Gratitude

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

I have a chocolate bar. It is a family-sized one and tonight I am an entire family. I will soon be an entire family in front of tv on the internet with my exciting choco bar. And I will watch some weird reality show that I stream for free while hoping that such an activity […]

A wee note before the airplane ride

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

I’m flying to England in 3 hours! I am packed but I have some cookies in the fridge that I shouldn’t forget It’s summer in Halifax and I have been swimming a bunch of times, in my favorite lake which is called Long Lake. I have so much to say… But I have to call […]


13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Well, last week was Pride week in Halifax and I was super gay. Highlights include: Lesbian robot sex on stage after weird and hilarious skit Dressing up and singing an Annie Lennox song, with back up singers! (No more I love yous… those high notes were high but audience members assured me I did a […]

Workshops and Birthday Parties

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Now I am 32. I marked the ocassion by cooking a large feast for a lot of people I love and hosting a dance party. Friends brought a sound system that turned my house into a club. But the kind of club where you can still get some dancing done because there is room enough […]

Vroom Vroom

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

There has not been much time for blogging I’ve been on my motorcycle i’ve been in bodies of water I’ve even been on dates under moons, on bicycles, in tents. It’s a good summer… It’s not like last summer, when Jack Layton was still alive and my heart arrythmia was recently fixed and how to […]

Some moments I have recently been in love with

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Hey, it became fall! I think of this blog from time to time when I am not in front of a computer. But this morning I thought of it whilst in front of my computer hey, email, move over it’s time to spit words out to nowhere I am about to head off on tour […]


13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Hellooooooooo Blog, people reading it, I kept thinking about you, across Canada, in North Carolina, in small villages in Labrador.. Now I am in Ottawa with a morning all to myself and my computer and i am consuming large quantities of coffee and away we go! It’s snowing here. It was snowing a lot in […]

Holiday time

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Holidays! Christmess! I am in a PEI cafe. Last night was my last show of 2011 and I am friggin excited for a much needed vacation. Happy Solstice everybody! To celebrate, I will gather around a fire with farmers and spinsters, draft-dodgers and hippies, mothers and children, government employees, teachers and unemployed-ees, artists and wanderers, […]

There is always something gorgeous

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Some weeks are more about doing poetry than writing it. Having it? LIving it? Sponging it up and sitting in it? I am having one of those weeks. Though I did move ahead at least 2 stanzas on 2 different poems I am trying to finish for upcoming performances. And I’ve been reading my new […]