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Love and Mezcal

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Ah….. Mexico! Mexico Mexico Mexico. I am in love with Mexico. And people and poets and mezcal and rancheros and limes and dancing and love. Just got home to snow dusted Halifax two days ago.  I was only in Mexico for one week but it felt like much much more. Maybe that is because IT […]

To Germany

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

On a spring day in Halifax, I sit on my back porch with my cat nearby my to-do list is long but most of it is checked off I have left the funnest things for the last minute which is unusual how great that today, instead of booking airplane tickets and shuffling papers, I, instead, […]


13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Ok, I admit it, I am bad at blogging. Well, I mean, i don’t blog enough. I think about blogging. Apparently, that does not get that blog written. Here’s the deal: I’m making some sort of vow to spend more time on this thing called ‘my webpage’. I’ve always had a mind to do so. […]

It’s easy to fall behind

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Hello. This world is nuts. Or it’s not I can’t tell But it is weird, yes? I am shedding a new skin. I am morphing, yet again. I am standing on the edge of another precipice and I cant’ see what’s after this something about change something about I’ll tell you when I figure it […]

End of the Year Update (I am cheating at blogging)

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

UPdate! It’s time to put up a fresh calendar Holidays almost over It’s time for new to-do lists, resolutions, best-of music and moments the symbolism is rife with tension and promise and through all of this the planets do their thing the plants die and keep growing this planet with all its love and pain […]

Sick Days

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

Today I have strep throat.  So I am ‘home sick’ which means that I am home, like usual, but sick, like unsual On sick days I turn to admin tasks that I avoid for months, apparently For instance, today I uploaded alllll of my songs onto my bandcamp page ( It was tedious but I’m […]


13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

What have you been up to all winter?, they asked me. Oh, you know, not much – cracking the code of the gods; turning to face myself in a chaotic fog of mini epiphanies and tears and fears; falling in love; things like this. Not blogging, that’s for sure… Yesterday, I went for a spiritual […]

To the Water

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

‘let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love’ rumi Ok, Rumi I think you are wise I try to listen to you, most of the time What pulls me now are the tides what pulls me are her kisses, our breath syncing as it falls to rise I have […]


13 Oct 2013 / in Musings

I love the word ‘autumn’  I think it looks beautiful, and sounds beautiful. And when you google image it all those idyllic colours come up. So far, here, most things are still green. I celebrated fall equinox with a swim in a lake and a bunch of crying oops, I celebrated with crying again what […]

More Summer!

18 Jul 2013 / in Musings

thoughts on a july morning, It didn’t rain in Halifax for 3 weeks, and July was hotter than usual And all of the people were sunned and more bronzed than usual and they were more happy than their usual levels of happiness and cats lazed around and meowed softly and bikes cruised down pavements safely […]