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On staying warm

05 Feb 2019 / in Musings

In the mornings, in my apartment, I put on all my wool. I pull my poncho over my head and I take care not to dip it in the sink of hot dishes or the scrambling eggs. I put on indoor shoes to keep the winter from my soles, my soul wants no more cold. […]

Spring cage rage

24 Mar 2016 / in Musings

It’s ‘spring’ in Halifax. That means I have a wool poncho and a toque on INSIDE MY HOUSE. But apparently it’s warm and blooming somewhere and so I am holding out hope. It’s tricky. It’s been a long winter and I haven’t gone anywhere beyond the coffee shop and the pub. Ok, I did go […]


07 Mar 2016 / in Musings

Relapse Last night I had a mini lapse into sadness past, couldn’t stick to the path. I retreated back to where the darkness eats me, where joy can’t reach me, stark and cracked. I cried myself into a piercing headache and then cried more after that, until my eyes and my state of mind matched. […]

Artist in Residence.. in medical school

28 Jan 2016 / in Musings

Hellooooooo I have been hibernating. Like always. Well, I did leave the house recently to watch a bunch of shows at Halifax’s In the Dead of Winter Music Festival. What a hoot that was. I stayed out late 3 nights in a row! And was inspired by music and musicians. Thank you, music, for reminding […]


09 Jul 2015 / in Musings

I’ve been wandering. I’ve been wondering, I’ve been floundering, seeking something nourishing. I’ve been buried in a dark ground that I made cozy for myself, though lonely with myself, it’s been a winter. I know, it’s summer now! And before that came spring, but I’m talking about the winter of my soul. That was heavy […]

to see the sea

02 Feb 2015 / in Musings

I’m going to fly away for awhile and sit beside a different ocean and see new scenes that mean new poetry i will have a mini computer that makes typing awkward so i will write in my book mostly but i will sit sometimes in cafes with cafe con leche and transcribe my messy notes […]

Winter not a wonderland

08 Jan 2015 / in Musings

Hello from cold Canada This morning I remembered I had a blog. I remembered it in a blur of tears. Or it remembered me. Sometimes, we need something for which to reach. It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s lonely. Work is slow and needs generating. Heart is low and needs rejuvenating. So it goes. I’m at […]

On the big screen!

12 Sep 2014 / in Musings

It’s happening. That acting I did one year ago is now up for view on the big screen, for your eyes and your opinions. Heartbeat, a film by Andrea Dorfman, premiered at Toronto International Film Festival last weekend. This weekend we bring it home to Halifax, to friends and families and hugs, to parties with […]

Heartbeat, the Movie!

06 Jun 2014 / in Musings

Have I mentioned yet that I recently played my first role in a film? That it was the starring role (gulp)? That it was directed by Andrea Dorfman of How to be Alone fame and that it comes out in September!? Well, I did. That happened. Read all about it here. All winter and early […]

Organic (PE)Island

17 Apr 2014 / in Musings

I grew up on a small island off the east coast of Canada, with red soil and potatoes, family farms dotting the landscape. But globalized, big-food business has been making hefty demands on farmers and soil.┬áIsland Green, a documentary by Islander Millefiore Clarkes, dares to ask the question: What if PEI went all organic? Watch […]