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To the Water

13 Mar 2014 / in Musings

‘let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love’ rumi Ok, Rumi I think you are wise I try to listen to you, most of the time What pulls me now are the tides what pulls me are her kisses, our breath syncing as it falls to rise I have […]


13 Oct 2013 / in Musings

I love the word ‘autumn’  I think it looks beautiful, and sounds beautiful. And when you google image it all those idyllic colours come up. So far, here, most things are still green. I celebrated fall equinox with a swim in a lake and a bunch of crying oops, I celebrated with crying again what […]

More Summer!

18 Jul 2013 / in Musings

thoughts on a july morning, It didn’t rain in Halifax for 3 weeks, and July was hotter than usual And all of the people were sunned and more bronzed than usual and they were more happy than their usual levels of happiness and cats lazed around and meowed softly and bikes cruised down pavements safely […]

Kingdom of Reasons

14 Apr 2012 / in Poetry

I will drink red wine like blood with the poets twinkling upon pianos and tinkling on snow it’s going to be ravenous and bold smut is made up of all sorts of moments the staff are going home it’s the weekend jesus died supposedly churches are full priests banking on a reprise hopefully preachers holding […]